When it comes to staying competitive in business, you have to constantly learn, grow, and adapt to be successful. Learning new skills and building upon those you already possess can take your business to new heights and even bring new and exciting products or services to your customers. It can be difficult to find the time to enroll in longer courses, but there are many free or low-cost classes you can take in your spare time or over the course of a weekend. Below are several skills that you can learn at your own pace and will help you build an improved business. 

Data Analysis

Businesses need real-time data to grow with purpose. Data is useless unless you know how to gather, analyze, and interpret it. Taking courses to improve skills with Microsoft Excel, Python, and other data tools will help you make more informed decisions about where your business is doing well and where it needs improvement. 

Social Media Marketing

A strong social media presence can build your brand following, increase engagement, and help you tell your story all while driving traffic to your website or physical retail stores. It can be hard to choose which sites will work best for your business model and even harder to create authentic content that will connect with your customers. There are dozens of free courses available that will teach you how to use each site and how to maximize your marketing on each platform so you will stand out instead of getting lost in the noise of a busy feed. 

Project Management

Efficiency is an absolute necessity when it comes to running a business. You need to know how to juggle multiple tasks and lead teams at the same time while also consulting with clients or contractors. Project management tools such as Scrum, Agile, and PMP can help you streamline your tasks and keep projects under control and under budget. These courses are affordable and help you become a more proficient leader. 

Search Engine Optimization

You can’t drive organic sales to your site if it isn’t optimized on search engines. Google is by far the most-used advertising platform which provides a wealth of opportunities for businesses. It’s one thing to use Google for advertising and it’s quite another to have a fully optimized website that will allow you to be found and grow your traffic. Google offers courses as do other learning platforms to help you navigate the site more efficiently and to create a more searchable business.